2009-06-26 Hugo MonteiroAdded practical example to README.ENVELOPE_SCAN file... master
2009-06-26 Hugo MonteiroFixed typo in README.ENVELOPE_SCAN file patch
2009-06-26 Hugo MonteiroChanged the way the scanner is called
2009-06-26 Hugo MonteiroAdded GIT commit template file
2008-04-14 hmChanged patch name to reflect qmail and qmail-ldap...
2008-04-13 hmAdded Qmail-LDAP queue custom error patch to the collection
2008-04-13 hmRenamed patch to qmail-ldap-envelope-scan.patch
2008-04-12 hmAdd qmail-ldap-bigquota patch to the collection
2008-04-11 hmQmail-LDAP greetdelay patch check in.
2008-04-10 hmFirst commit for the qmail-ldap envelope scan patch.
2008-04-12 hmCreation of folders to import repositories